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SilwerSteam 2017

SilwerSteam - Nordic Steampunk Faire 2017
Awesome! Creative! Involving!


01 Sep -17 kl 17:00 till 03 Sep -17 kl 17:00


Faktorigatan 4B, 632 20 Eskilstuna, Eskilstuna


We aim to make a convention together With all steampunk enthusiasts around the world.

SilwerSteam wants to make steampunk with a silver lining…

The faire takes place at the beautiful site of northern Europe´s largest steam engine hall, and the machines are still working, and will be running during the event! Expect fantastic costumes, props, larps, arts, contests, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and shows. 

♦ Lectures ♦ Workshops ♦ LARP ♦ Costume contest ♦ Craftsmans market ♦ Board games hang-out ♦ Short story contest ♦ Inventor forum ♦ Tea duelling ♦ Night club ♦ And much, much more... ♦