NordicFuzzCon is Scandinavia's largest furry convention, taking place annually in Sweden.

So What’s All the Fuzz About?

We’re glad you asked!NordicFuzzCon is an annual event taking place in Sweden. It is geared towards members of the international furry community – people with an interest in animals with human characteristics, such as Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck – but all are welcome to attend (as long as they pay for a ticket, of course). Every year we offer many different events, including dances with live DJ sets, panels on art and costume-wearing, organized tabletop and video gaming, and much more! While we can't guarantee you a good time, we do our utmost to offer up the best scrumptious smörgåsbord of entertainment this side of the fjord.

NordicFuzzCon made its début in 2013 where the event had over 170 attendees from over 10 different countries, making us the largest international furry convention in Scandinavia. By 2015 the attendance had more than doubled, with over 390 registered attendees and last year, 2016, there were 524 registered attendees from over 25 countries.

Theme: Japan: Samurai or Super Kawaii?

We explore Japan, from its noble and ancient past to its hyper mega sugoi present.


9 Mar 2017 kl 00:00 till 12 Mar 2017 kl 00:00


Kanalvägen 10, Stockholm